Tamaki-senpai’s birthday


––「王子」 Wah??" he let out an exasperated gasp with the sound at her remark of bumper cars not being the most manliest ride ever. How could little kids possibly be brave enough to ride or even drive huge monster cars and crash into each other?! Were all commoner children so brave? This made the Host King worry slightly about his choice in rides, but at least the topic was off the twin’s gift.

"Well, I—" he began to answer her next question but paused for a brief moment before continuing. His nerves calming a bit as he did. "I had always wanted to go to Disneyland Paris as a kid, but it never happened. It almost did once! I was going to go with my tutor and his family, but then Maman’s illness got worse so I decided to stay home with her instead." The blond smiled faintly at the thought of his mother yet again; why did this birthday in particular keep reminding him of her?


"They did bring me back a Mickey Mouse ear hat and one of those ice cream bars on a stick shaped like his head, but I’ve never been to a real amusement park myself before. So, I decided to put in on my list of things that I want to do while living in Japan."

The brunette kept her gaze on the Host King as he spoke.  She noticed the change in his expression as he talked about his past and his mother.  She hadn’t meant to bring up melancholy memories.  However, she knew Tamaki wasn’t the type of person to lament over things and tended to remember everything fondly.


"Disneyland?  That sounds like it would have been fun… it was nice of them to invite you," Haruhi replied as she rested her hands around the warm teacup in front of her.  "I’ve never been to Disneyland…  there’s one in Tokyo," she mentioned as she glanced down into her cup before back up at him.  "I’m not really in to amusement parks… but if you wanted to go to Tokyo Disneyland some time I might go with you.  There’s more to do there than just the rides.”

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"… That’s kind of creepy, Senpai."

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